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Hup & Sons install, repair and replace septic systems. We’ll help you navigate the process through engineering and township inspections.

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Here are some common questions people have about septic system design, maintenance and repair.

There are 3 common types of septic systems:

  • Gravity Fed Systems: in this design the flow of material from the house to the tank to the field is achieved through gravity
  • Pumped Systems: in some scenarios it’s not possible to use gravity to create the flow. In such circumstances a pump is used to move the material through the system
  • Peat Filter Systems: these use  layer of peat moss to filter the wastewater before being discharged into the soil

There are alternative systems however the three above cover most commonly built systems.

Technically you should not have to get it pumped. The idea is for the solids to drop to the bottom of the tank and the natural bacteria will begin to break everything down and create all liquids that will be dispersed into the field. Pumping your tank out prevents the breakdown process from happening.

As long as a system is not overused and maintained properly it should last a lifetime.

Absolutely, very important to see if you may need a repair instead of waiting until you are under contract and being blindsided.
When was it installed, what type of system is it and when was it last inspected.
You will need approval from the local county health department. Possibly the town as well, depends on your location. You may also need an electrical permit from the town of an alternative system is designed.

You need to hire an engineer for repair and or new installs in New Jersey.

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Anatomy of a Septic System

Septic systems are a very common wastewater solution in rural areas that are too far from a municipal facility. The homeowner takes responsibility for this. Overtime septic systems may begin to fail and need repair or even replacement. 

Septic System

Septic Tank

The septic tank receives the waste water and solids from the house. Whilst inside the heavier material drops to the bottom, and the liquid remains above.

Distribution Box

A pipe from the septic tank takes the liquid to the distribution box where it splits into a series of perforated lateral pipes at the drainage field.

Drainage Field

The liquid enters the drainage field and percolates through the material which treats and disperses waste water safely.

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Recent Projects

At Hup & Sons we pride ourselves on delivering high quality work that we stand by. Here’s a selection of recent septic installation projects.

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