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Here are some answers to common asphalt questions. If you want to know anything else, let us know.

If the driveway is prepared properly and asphalt thickness is three inches or more after compaction, the driveway will last at least ten years before any significant cracking will start and will continue to last up to thirty years after that with routine maintenance.
The driveway should be allowed to cure and or stiffen for three full days after completion.
You should seal your driveway at least once after paving but you must wait at least three months after competition.
They are different products. The homeowners brand that you might buy at aHome Depot is a derivative of the commercially branded products and will not go as far and last as long.
This depends on what the exact repair is. If you are patching an area you must first saw cut the perimeter and remove all asphalt and dispose. You must then prepare the are by excavating down giving you enough room for at least six inches of stone after compaction. Then pave with asphalt compacting to no less than three inches. Any cracks should be routed out (cleaned and scarrafied) and then a rubberized hot emulsion to fill the areas.
When paving over an existing surface you must repair an areas first and seal any cracks. Then apply a tack coating to the entire area (Tack coating is a liquid coating that bonds the old asphalt to the new) You will then generally pave (overlay the existing asphalt with a lesser amount of new asphalt generally two inches after compaction
The new driveway must be graded so that the water slopes off the driveway. A proper amount of new stone should be added to the existing base (Six inches after compaction) If the new area is wet and or soft a larger stone may be needed to garden up the area such as shale or inch and one half size.

The new area after grading adding stone and compacting should then be left to settle through at least two weeks to two months depending on ground conditions and weather. After this period you will then go back regarde add more stone if needed and compact with a heavy vibe roller. While roller make sure there are no soft areas. The driveway should be solid as a rock.

If the driveway way is hard enough you are ready to install the asphalt.
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How we're Different

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Quality Runs Deep

In paving there is a rule of thumb. Asphalt that is laid less that 3.5 inches deep will not last. 

In order to stand behind our work we’ll quote you the correct depth of material to ensure the longevity of your new paving.

Transparent Ordering

When Hup & Sons quote a project, we’ll share you with the area and depth of material required. We’ll also show you the order we place at the asphalt plant so you can see that its the same as we measured.

We want to you to see that we’re 100% transparent in our ordering so you can be sure you are always getting a fair price.

Our Promise
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A Name You Can Trust

Catherine D.
Driveway Drainage & Paving
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Craig and team were fantastic. They did both drainage work and our driveway. The process start to finish went smoothly. Craig was very communicative throughout the project, we knew exactly what to expect and when. The work was done well and looks great. We are very happy and would absolutely recommend them.
Rich F.
Driveway Installation
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Hup & Sons was recommended to me by a neighbor. They were very responsive and professional. They widened and repaved my 400ft uphill and curved driveway and made a pad for my shed. I am pleased with the quality job they did and am happy to recommend them.
Tom G.
Driveway Replacement
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Craig did a GREAT job!! He was responsive, flexible and very reasonably priced. Also, he was very understanding and helpful. I would highly recommend him.
Lyke O.
Excavation & Grading, General Construction
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Excellent service given to us by Craig and his Team. They went an extra mile to ensure we are able 100% good to go with the city requirements. Great team. Thanks.
Janice M.
Asphalt Paving
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My husband and I had our builder quality driveway ripped up and replaced by Hup and Sons. It was a very pleasant experience and they did a top quality job. After some very bad experiences with other driveway people in the area, I thoroughly reviewed Hup and Sons and got glowing recommendations from prior customers. It paid to do my research and we are very satisfied.
Gudrun L.
Chip & Tar
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Their price was fair. The service was excellent. They didn't make a mess. They come back when there was something that they needed to repair. They back promptly and didn't charge extra. They are very fair. It is a family own business.
Charles H.
Chip & Tar
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The driveway looks awesome. They produce very high quality work, were extremely responsive, honest, hard working and nice to go with it. I would recommend them to anyone! Price a little high but compared to all the other contractors who either didn't show up or seemed to have no interest, it was well worth the money.
Jennifer W.
Asphalt Paving
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Hup & Sons paved my existing gravel driveway. I am very happy with the job that they did and can definitely recommend them.
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